St Clement Shop Window Vandalised

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 10:50am

A shop window in St Clement has been damaged after eggs and other objects were thrown at it from a passing car.

Jersey Police are appealing for anyone who saw the vehicle at around 10pm on Friday night, which is said to have been driving up and down Green Road before stopping outside the electrical shop on the corner with Greve d’Azette.

The driver then threw eggs and other items out the vehicle’s window which damaged the shopfront.

Anyone who saw the incident or has any information is asked to call Jersey Police on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Jersey Voted 10th Best British Destination 

Jersey has been named the 10th best-rated destination in the UK and Channel Islands by TripAdvisor.

The review website has announced its 2019 Travellers’ Choice awards for destinations.  

It recognises the locations that are most popular among its reviewers, based on ratings for hotels, restaurants and experiences over a 12 month period.

“The methodology takes into account quality and volume of reviews to surface destinations that consistently deliver the best overall experience for travellers.”

London topped the list, with Manchester and the Isle of Wight also in the top 10.

Jersey takes the final spot.

UK and Channel Islands top 10

1.    London, London
2.    Edinburgh, Scotland
3.    Liverpool, Merseyside
4.    Glasgow, Scotland
5.    Belfast, Northern Ireland
6.    Bath, Somerset
7.    Isle of Wight, Hampshire
8.    York, North Yorkshire
9.    Manchester, Great Manchester
10. Jersey, Channel Islands

London tops the list for Europe and Worldwide destinations too – boosted by the excitement about last year’s Royal wedding, dubbed the ‘Harry and Meghan effect’.

Europe top 10

1.   London, UK 
2.    Paris, France  
3.    Rome, Italy
4.    Crete, Greece
5.    Barcelona, Spain 
6.    Istanbul, Turkey
7.    Prague, Czech Republic 
8.    Lisbon, Portugal
9.    Majorca, Spain
10.  Tenerife, Spain

World top 10

1.   London, UK 
2.    Paris, France  
3.    Rome, Italy
4.    Crete, Greece
5.    Bali, Indonesia
6.    Phuket, Thailand
7.    Barcelona, Spain 
8.    Istanbul, Turkey
9.    Marrakech, Morocco
10.  Dubai, UAE

Jersey Zoo Turns 60! 

Jersey Zoo is celebrating its diamond anniversary today.

It’s 60 years since Gerald Durrell first opened the zoo in Trinity, beginning what would become the now world-famous conservation charity. 

Since then, 14 species have been saved from extinction and more than 435,000 hectares of habitat have been protected.

Honorary Director Dr Lee Durrell’s told Channel 103 how she feels seeing the organisation reach this landmark:

“I couldn’t be prouder.  I think the Trust is just one of the – if not the best – conservation organisations in the world.  We do what we say we do.  We have got the best, dedicated and devoted team of conservationists.  I am just so proud of what we do, and I know we will go forward and do even better.”

Durrell lists is achievements over the past six decades as:

14 species saved from extinction
46 successful attempts to control invasive species across 29 locations the survival chances of their target species increased by 150%
382 scientific publications produced thousands of animals released into the wild, of 26 species, including:
45,458 agile frogs
361 pink pigeons
174 mountain chicken frogs
116 pygmy hogs
42 red-billed choughs
21 Madagascar pochards

5,500 conservationists trained from 142 countries around the world
435,445 hectares of habitat protected, equal to 609,867 football pitches,
532,394 ha of marine and coastal habitat (45,370 football pitches)
56,546 ha of freshwater wetlands (79,196 football pitches)
163,198 ha of forest (228,569 football pitches)
183,307 ha of grasslands (256,732 football pitches)

The charity recently launched its ‘Rewild Our World’ strategy, setting out four headline goals to achieve by 2025, when Gerald Durrell would have celebrated his 100th birthday.

*10 ecosystems across the world’s major biomes rewilded
*100 threatened species on the road to recovery
*500 endangered species projects working more effectively
*1,000,000 people better connected with nature

Durrell will celebrate turning 60 with its Go Wild Gorillas sculpture trail this summer.

Photos of the opening of Jersey Zoo in 1959 supplied by Durrell

Aurigny proposed too few flights to win Alderney route tender

Aurigny submitted a bid based on a much-reduced schedule operated by only two aircraft.

Under this proposal, the capacity on the Alderney – Southampton route would be virtually halved, and there would be no resilience in the proposed fleet to cover periods when one or both of the aircraft were out of service.

The proposed service level fell far short of the specification in the Invitation to Tender (for the PSO contract), and far short of what Alderney requires.

Even more surprising, to the PSO team, was that Aurigny wanted a subsidy greater than the losses currently being incurred in their 4-aircraft operation.

Schools Closed For Second Teachers Strike 

Nearly all States schools in Jersey are closed today because of strike action by teachers in the NASUWT.

Only La Moye and St John primary schools are fully open.

There is a full list of today’s school closures here.

Teachers will stage a rally in the Royal Square in protest at their latest pay offer from the States:

The offer is for a 3-year agreement covering the period 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2020 and provides the following:

For 2018: 2.0% consolidated increase wef 1/1/18; plus 1.1% unconsolidated wef 1/1/18

For 2019: 2.0% consolidated increase wef 1/1/19; plus 1.0% unconsolidated wef 1/1/19

The above having already been imposed and;

For 2020: a rise equivalent to the September 2019 RPI (all items index) plus 1.3%, consolidated, and paid with effect from 1/1/20.  There are no minimum or maximum caps attached to this offer.

NASUWT Rep Marina Mauger says members are angry:

“We never negotiated a three-year pay deal.  We had no negotiations at all.  They’ve insisted on an 2018/19/20 pay deal, which is why our members have rejected it.  We weren’t prepared to talk about 2020 because we felt we still needed to talk about 18/19.”

Last Tuesday, a walkout by teachers in the NEU closed secondary schools.

The Royal Square protest comes ahead of an expected States vote on a second attempt at releasing government contingency funds for pay negotiations.

Reform Deputy Geoff Southern is trying again to release cash to settle the dispute.  He lost by a single vote last time.

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Abuse victims: the fight for compensation goes on

Residents of a former secure school in Jersey have told ITV News they fear promises of a compensation scheme from government may never materialise.

It comes three months after ministers pledged to come up with a redress package for those alleging they were abused while locked up at Les Chenes.

The facility closed in 2003.

Last December, the Government of Jersey said they were working on some form of compensation, as victims weren’t eligible under a previous scheme which was limited to abuse which happened between 1945 and 1994.

The group from Les Chenes attended between the late 1990s and early 2000s.

One victim, who we’re calling David, described his own experience at Les Chenes.

My earliest experience was my first day there. One of the teachers asked me if I liked to wrestle. I didn’t understand what he meant. Then he grabbed me and threw into secure. Secure was pretty much where you were all the time when you first got there. If a teacher turned up in a bad mood you knew you were going to have a bad day. That could be just bullying you or it could be all the way up to assault and restraining you with five other full grown men. I refused to come out of my cell once. I’d been there so long I didn’t know what day it was. I ended up getting restrained and stripped naked by the teachers and being thrown back in the cell for another 48 hours.

– ‘David’, former Les Chenes resident

He said he knew of former residents whose lives had been ruined by their experience.

95% of people who’s been through those doors is either addicted to drugs, suffers with mental illness, has attempted suicide or is in jail. That’s too high a statistic to ignore it. We’re 50% less than we were when we went in.

– ‘David’, former Les Chenes resident

Alan Collins is the lawyer representing former residents. He threatened to sue the government last September if they didn’t take action. In December they announced a scheme would be set up.

The government has told ITV News “work is being done to prepare the scheme and get it up and running but it is a substantial piece of work and doesn’t happen overnight.”

The Council of Ministers is due to discuss progress when it meets on 3 April.

The brutal regime at Les Chenes emerged during the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

It heard allegations of children being bounced like pinballs off the walls. Several witnesses spoke of violent assaults on children, and youngsters lifted in the air by their ears.

Laura Cafferty Passes Away After Long Battle Against Cancer

34-year-old Mother of one,  Laura Cafferty was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of soft-tissue cancer which only affects six in one million women.

Numerous events were run to help raise money for her ongoing treatments.

Back in March 2018 Laura travelled to Mexico as it was her best option for treating her Cancer, she travelled her Husband Karl and Daughter Maya.

In a statement on her Facebook page today it was confirmed she had sadly passed away

Dear friends, it’s with a heavy heart that we have to tell you all that sadly Laura passed away at home this morning. Thank you all for your support and kind messages. Xx

Some Bus Fares To Rise Next Week

Some bus fares are rising from next Monday, depending on how you pay for your travel.

LibertyBus says adult cash fares will cost ten pence more,  up to from £2.20 to £2.30.

Contactless payments are staying the same, at £2 per journey.

AvanchiPAYG adult fares will go up from £1.60 to £1.65, while child fares and AvanchiStudent fares will increase from 80p to 85p.

The cash fare for children and students is frozen at £1.10 and the contactless fare at £1.

Also unchanged are the annual and monthly unlimited cards.  The weekly unlimited card is frozen at £21 in the station, but is increasing from £18 to £20 for online top up.

There is no change in the price of the Discover Jersey passes.

“These fare changes overall are well below inflation and continue to offer excellent value for money with an ever expanding bus network across Jersey.”  – Kevin Hart, Director

The summer timetable takes effect on 1st April, with some extra evening services.

That includes Friday and Saturday night Route 22 trips to St Ouen’s Bay leaving Liberation Station at 20.20 and returning from L’Etacq at 21.18.

“Like any new service, we will be monitoring demand but we hope that it will be widely used bt residents and visitors enjoying the bay in the summer evenings.”

The new timetable will be available from Liberation Station or the LibertyBus website from this Wednesday.

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Coin Hoard 'Was Two Collections' 

The largest ever hoard of Celtic coins is now thought to have been two collections buried together in Grouville.

Data collected by taking apart the 70,000 coins unearthed by metal detectorists in 2012 suggests it wasn’t a a single mass, but separate collections, possibly from different tribes.

One part contains the early coins, gold jewellery and precious metal ingots.  The type of coins in this part are attributed to the Coriosolitae tribe from an area of Northern Brittany.

The other part contains a large mass of silver coins, of lower quality and from a later period, which may have come from tribes occupying the Cotentin peninsula in western and lower Normandy.

Archaeologist Dr Philip de Jersey says use of laser-positioning technology suggest the later dates coins were buried first.

“The older and the more valuable stuff, because it includes the jewellery and torques and so on as well, that’s then gone in on top of that.  There are definitely these two main deposits and they might only have been made a few hours or days apart, that’s the sort of thing which we just can’t tell.”

The latest analysis  – described as a ‘first’ in its approach to archaeological investigation  – will be presented to experts at a conference in Brazil next month.

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Midwife retires after 43 years of delivering babies

A Guernsey midwife is retiring after 43 years having delivered plenty of the island’s babies.

Florence Kelly was given a surprise tea party over the weekend and was joined by some of the mothers and babies she has cared for.

Getting nice fresh cuddles from new babies. That’s one of the big, big advantages of this job. Getting a cuddle from a new baby is a very therapeutic thing. It’s a lovely feeling.

– Florence Kelly, retired midwife

Not only has she given more than four decades of care to new mothers and newborns, she also currently holds the title of Midwife of the Year.

She originally wanted to be a nurse but, after a four month placement in midwifery, she was “hooked”.

After being in the role since 1976, Ms Kelly has decided it is time to put her feet up.

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