Mobile CT scanner arrives in Guernsey to cut waiting times for scans

A mobile CT scanner has arrived in Guernsey to try to meet increasing demands for MRI and ultra-sound examinations.

It is all part of a series of changes by the Health and Social Care (HSC) department to try to bring waiting times down.

The computer tomography scanner, housed in a self-contained trailer, will come to the island for short periods in response to growing demand for scans.

HSC is also hoping to replace the existing 11 year old CT scanner in August, as it is used around the clock to allow staff to view anatomy and pathology throughout the body.

It is also critical for viewing traumas and for oncology cases.

The introduction of the mobile CT scanner over trial weekends has already reduced the wait for MRI and ultrasound examinations, with the majority of patients scanned within three weeks of being referred by a doctor.

70 patients were seen in the unit over a three day period, leading to positive feedback from patients.

Health and Social Care’s Medical Director has said that he is pleased the island will have the latest technology within its Radiology department.

Waiting times for coronary artery disease will be shorter through the use of the mobile unit, and scans can be delivered faster and more efficiently through the use of our incoming permanent replacement.

– Peter Rabey, HSC Medical Director

Unemployment increases in Guernsey

New figures show unemployment increased in Guernsey at the end of 2018.

19 more people were out of work compared with the previous quarter, but 12 fewer people were jobless compared to the same period in 2017.

293 were unemployed in the final quarter of the year compared to 274 the previous year.

A total of 367 people were registered as unemployed by the end of last year but had some form of casual or part time work during the quarter.

Despite the figures, the President of Employment and Social Security has said the island continues to have low unemployment with a buoyant job seeker market.

The reduction in the year on year figure and increase of people in training courses is particularly pleasing.

– Deputy Michelle Le Clerc, President of the Committee for Employment and Social Security

Other statistics include 43 people on training schemes at the end of December with 46 islanders having attended short courses run through the Job Centre during the third quarter.

Latest on inquest into baby's death in Guernsey maternity ward: parents show dignity throughout ordeal

Today’s hearing was short, the judge opening the proceedings with a reminder that his duty is to deliver a verdict on the cause of death and nothing more.

Having heard from three experts earlier this week, the court took a break yesterday, resuming today to hear the closing statements from the six lawyers involved.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Advocate Corfield said they thanked the experts who had given evidence, saying “they had shown respect and sensitivity to their son.”

Then on a personal note, he also applauded Jack’s parents for the “grace and dignity” they have shown through out what he called “this five year ordeal.”

Next, advocates speaking on behalf of the doctors and midwives involved all separately offered their sincere condolences to Jack’s parents.

Thoughts echoed by the lawyer representing Health and Social Care, Advocate Fooks, who said Jack’s death “had caused profound change in maternity services in Guernsey.”

Indeed HSC is keen to stress the positive steps it’s taken to reform the Loveridge Unit and is encouraging any expectant mothers with concerns to get in touch.

But once the judge had heard all of the speeches he told the court he’ll be delivering his verdict tomorrow morning.

Winter Well-Being: Social

This Winter, we are looking at the range of ways people in the Channel Islands can improve their personal well-being.

Each report in our Winter Well-Being series will focus on one of eight different aspects; from our physical and emotional state to our finances.

But in the second part, we challenged one self-confessed phone addict to a digital detox, to find out how ‘social’ we really are in the age of social media…

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So, what impact can social media have on our well-being? We spoke to Emily Litten from Guernsey Mind to weigh up the positives and negatives…

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Water Prices To Rise 3.8%

Water bills will be rising by 3.8% from April 2019.

Jersey Water says it equates to around 4p per day for an average household – or around £14.60 a year.

CEO Helier Smith says when prices are reviewed every year they try to keep costs below the rate of inflation – and have managed to do that in 18 out of the last 20 years:

“We face continuous pressure on costs as we invest to comply with new legislation, manage water quality and enhance the resilience of the Island’s water supply infrastructure. However, we have been able to limit our price increases over the past two decades and again this year by focussing on efficiency to manage the impact on customer bills. This has been achieved whilst consistently delivering very high-quality water and excellent customer service to the community that we serve.”

The company encourages people who can’t afford their bills to look at ways of reducing how much water they use.

You can find hints and tips over on their website.

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Former Teacher Guilty Of Teen Sex Abuse

A former Jersey teacher has been found guilty of sexually abusing two teenage girls.

66 year old Ian David Priestly has been convicted of six counts of indecent assault and four counts of procuring acts of gross indecency during the 1990s and 2000s following a three day trial.

A jury of seven men and five women were unanimous in their verdict.

Priestly used to work at Les Quennevais School and Le Rocquier before moving into the finance industry.

Neither of the two victims were his former pupils.

He’s been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in the Royal Court on 14th February.

Manhole covers blown off on busy road in Jersey

Manhole covers have blown off in the middle of a busy road in Jersey.

Emergency Services are attending the scene at Bagot Road to ensure public safety, although there are no reported injuries so far.

The road between Bagot Pub and Les Varines is closed until further notice, with people being asked to avoid the area.

Residents are being asked to stay indoors and stay above basement levels whilst officers try to find out what happened underground.

The cause has not been confirmed but is thought to be a natural gas build-up and tests are being done.

Suspected Gas Explosion Closes Bagot Road

It’s believed there has been a gas explosion on Bagot Road.

We’re hearing a manhole cover has been blown around 30ft in the air.

It’s not yet known if anyone has been injured.

Police are at the scene diverting traffic and buses have been re-routed.


Jersey Simulates No Deal Brexit Plans

Credit: States of Jersey

More than 50 government officers have come together for table top exercises in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit.

With just over two months until Britain leaves the EU, the possibility of a no deal is still strong after Theresa May’s Brexit proposal was soundly rejected.

That led to plans for how it will affect Jersey being simulated at the Jersey Field Squadron Headquarters.

Director General for Justice and Home Affairs, Julian Blazeby, explains what was being worked on.

“Things like supply chains, flights, ferry movements, can we get the right amount of goods on the island, will services still be delivered on the island and how will government respond to that?

“All the plans are in place, there’s good conversations and relationships with our partners and it goes on.”

The Chief Minister says the relevant senior management teams and the Council of Ministers will be debriefed on how the exercises went.

More detailed workshops will then take place with senior ministers on plans for a possible day one no deal.

Senator John Le Fondre says it was a worthwhile day.

“This is about making sure those plans seem robust. The feedback I’ve had is that the plans seem to be very well made, there’s one or two things we’ve got to correct, but overall we seem to be very well placed.”

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