Channel Island's church bells to ring in solidarity for Notre Dame

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Church bells across Jersey and Guernsey will be rung at 7pm tonight to show solidarity with the people of France following the fire at Notre Dame.

The fire which took place on Monday evening, raged through the 850 year-old Gothic cathedral, destroying its medieval roof as well as its spire which dates back to the nineteenth century.

In response to a request by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for bells to ring at churches across England, church bells from across the islands will be rung for seven minutes.

Bells will be rung at the following churches in Guernsey:

The Town Church in Jersey has confirmed it will be participating as well.

The Dean of Guernsey has said it was heartbreaking to see the pictures of the fire on Monday evening.

So much shared faith, culture and history unites us to the people of France, perhaps even more in the Channel Islands that in the United Kingdom. As the stark horror of Holy Week is followed by the joy of resurrection on Easter Day, the restoration of Notre Dame will proclaim the triumph of hope over despair that is at the heart of the Christian faith.

– The Very Reverend T R Barker, Dean of Guernsey


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