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The Woof Within is a new dog walking and exercising service set up by an experienced dog owner and prior trainer of working Retriever dogs in the UK.

The owner, Ross, began this venture to offer owners of higher energy breeds and quirkier personality dogs, an exercising service fit to allow them to express themselves safely and give them a more intensive physical outlet. Some dogs need a little more time to drain their batteries and some pooches need a little more protection when out and about. The Woof Within believes every dog is an individual and unique creature that sometimes just needs to understand them for who they are!

The safety and well-being of all dogs is our first priority and we tailor each walk to the dog(s) own needs. We walk groups in a maximum of 3 but, only after appropriate socialisation has been achieved. We have experience with larger and more energetic breeds requiring a little bit more exercise.

Our unique 2 hour hiking service provides great exercise for energetic breeds needing a longer run in a one to one or one to two scenario. A safe way for any pooch to feel true freedoms in Jersey and allow them to “let the woof out” and improve their well-being in the home!

If you or someone you know are looking for a reliable, experienced and safe dog walker please contact THE WOOF WITHIN on Facebook or e-mail us at

The initial Consultation and introductory walk is FREE! With no obligation!

The Woof Within are specialists in higher energy breeds and more challenging personality pooches. We offer a unique service to Jersey focused on this ethos; called the “Let the Woof out” HIKE. A Full 2 hours of intensive exercise with personalised supervision.

We also have new client offers available: 5 x Standard Walks or 2 x “Let the Woof Out” Hikes for £50!

Looking forward to meeting your pooches!

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