Government could consider tougher sentences for paedophiles in Jersey

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Longer prison sentences for pedophiles could be considered by Jersey’s government.

An online petition demanding tougher sentences, and a lifetime on the Sex Offenders Register for paedophiles has reached 5,000 signatures which means the States Assembly will consider it for debate.

Previously, the Council of Ministers has said it doesn’t believe longer sentences are necessary.

It is not common practice in Jersey to use legislation to set minimum prison terms. Further research is needed to establish if resources should be diverted to monitoring offenders for their whole life.

– Jersey’s Council of Ministers.

Cheyenne O’Connor, who has helped to put some some of the island’s sexual predators in jail, started the petition in January 2019.

The young mother pretends to be school-age children on dating websites then takes photos of the adults who come to meet her to pass on to police.

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