Health Minister: Recruitment is biggest problem facing mental health care in Jersey

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Recruitment is the biggest problem facing mental health care in Jersey.

That is according to the Health Minister, Deputy Richard Renouf, who spoke to ITV Channel TV as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

He says the island has experienced a ‘constant challenge’ in recruiting sufficient staff to do the jobs that are needed.

He also acknowledged more needs to be done to improve the island’s current acute mental health facility, Orchard House.

We’ve done what we can to improve it in the building it is, but it’s a poor building, it’s not a good therapeutic environment, but there are improvements being made to try and make life that bit more attractive there for the people we ask to stay there.

– Deputy Richard Renouf, Jersey’s Health Minister

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Andy Marolia Ex Army medic and registered Nurse
Andy Marolia Ex Army medic and registered Nurse

The greatest challenge is not the recruitment of qualified staff, it is the fact that Jersey and it’s government does not care. A recent survey by MIND Jersey said that 94% of people felt that there IS a stigma to having mental health issues. From my own experience there is plenty of lip service but no tangiable help to re-enter society. If you are struggling with mental health, my advice is, tell nobody, because it will affect your career and future employment, especially if you work for the States. If you are a military veteran, then don’t come to Jersey,… Read more »

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