Jeffrey Epstein accuser: 'I was trafficked to Prince Andrew'

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A woman has described in detail how she allegedly had sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was 17-years-old.

Speaking to NBC’s Dateline, Virginia Roberts Guiffre claimed the incident happened in Ghislaine Maxwell’s London house after the royal gave her vodka at a nightclub.

The Duke of York has repeatedly insisted Mrs Guiffre’s accusations are “false and without any foundation”, and stated that “any suggestion of impropriety with under-age minors” was “categorically untrue”.

In her first TV interview Mrs Giuffre insisted she was telling the truth.

“I was so young. Ghislaine woke me up in the morning and said, ‘you’re going to meet a prince today.’

‘I didn’t know at that point that I was going to be trafficked to a prince.

‘We went out to Club Tramp. Prince Andrew got me alcohol, it was in the VIP section, I’m pretty sure it was vodka.

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“Prince Andrew was like, ‘let’s dance.’ I was like, ‘OK’. We leave club Tramp and I hop in the car with Ghislaine and Jeffrey.

“Ghislaine said he’s coming back to the house and I want you to do for him what you do for Epstein.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

Image: Virginia Roberts Guiffre Pic: NBC News

In previously reported on court documents, she said they went back to Ms Maxwell’s townhouse where she and Prince Andrew had sex.

“He wasn’t rude about it. He said thank you and some kind of soft sentiments like that and left.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that even royalty were involved.

“He denies that it ever happened, he’s going to keep denying that it ever happened but he knows the truth and I know the truth.”

Prince Andrew, 59, has been dogged by accusations of a lack of judgement about his links with Jeffrey Epstein, who was found hanged in his prison cell in New York on 10 August.

The disgraced billionaire was facing a 45-year sentence if convicted of multiple counts of sexually abusing under-age girls.

Prince Andrew has admitted knowing Epstein since 1999, but “saw him infrequently” – and in a statement, said: “At no stage during the limited time I spent with him did I see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction.”

Ms Maxwell has been accused of facilitating Epstein’s abuse of several girls by overseeing their recruitment and “ensuring that approximately three girls a day were made available to him for his sexual pleasure”, according to court documents.

The 57-year-old, a former girlfriend of Epstein, has denied any wrongdoing.

Mrs Giuffre, who claimed she had sex with the duke three times, including an “orgy” on his private island in the Caribbean, was speaking alongside five other Jeffrey Epstein accusers.

A previous Buckingham Palace statement said: “The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes.

“His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

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