We believe that customers will go online more and more to shop locally, for that reason alone we will never smudge or dirty the view for your customers, when they come looking for you.

All business that sign up with us get unlimited text and images to promote themsleves the best they can, with no hidden charges.

As a registered business you also have access to use our classifieds section to help you sell your products with ease.

plant the seed and grow with us

A Directory for all

Jersey Peeps will change the way you advertise your business forever. The advanced features of our website will be hard for others to beat.

Key Elements

Our Directory comes packed with tons of great features, and more are on the way! Combine our Directory, Classifieds and Social elements, to truly boost your Business Advertising.

Target Audience

Jersey Peeps website is reaching over 300,000 residents this year alone with 89% coming from Jersey, with Quantcast ranking us the 5th most visited website in Jersey.


We have a simple business strategy, create an affordable online advertising solution, that any business can easily afford with no hidden costs.

WE ARE the fastest growing website in jersey FACT!!

The Jersey Peeps website is the fastest growing online media in Jersey, so much so we have the competition contacting us to remove any of this proof!!

Here are some stats from 27th October 2017

7 days Jersey Peeps page has reached 33,400
Post engagements reached 17,542
In the past month the page has reached 90,712
The website this year has reached over 323,943 visitors with 89% coming from jersey

View our stats on this page all created by Statcounter a reliable source for traffic stats and more, where as others use ip to track traffic whic is very unreliable to say the least.

2016 -2017 yearly stats by Statcounter

Fully Responsive Layouts and interactive maps

We know that Jersey is a small place but that doesn’t mean that customers might have trouble finding you, with our inbuilt maps,
all customers need to do is input their address and they will instantly be given the fastest route to your business location.
As for devices well our website is fully responsive so your customers can find you no matter what they might be using.

All The Right Things at the right price

For £84 per year you’ll get access to the largest set of tools possible for you to grow your business, but
you need to also work at it, by using our unique social elements.
Read on to see just a few of the features you get access to with us.