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Do you provide products or services for the residents of Jersey?
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Then Jersey Peeps Business Directory is for you, read on to see how our website can help you
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A Directory for all

Jersey Peeps will change the way you advertise your business forever. The advanced features of our website will be hard for others to beat.

Key Elements

Our Business Package comes packed with tons of great features! Combine our Directory, Classifieds, Groups and Social elements, to truly boost your Business Advertising.

Target Audience

Jersey Peeps website is reaching over 300,000 residents this year alone with 89% coming from Jersey, with Quantcast ranking us the 5th most visited website in Jersey.


We have a simple business strategy, create an affordable online advertising solution, that any business can easily afford that will help you grow.


We believe that customers will go online more and more to shop locally, for that reason alone we will never smudge or dirty the view for your customers, when they come looking for you. All businesses that sign up with us get unlimited text and images to promote themsleves the best they can, with no hidden charges. As a registered business you also have access to use our classifieds section to help you sell your products with ease.

Promote Special Offers

  • Create special offers and discounts via our specially created group
  • Promote your offers to Jersey Peeps members
  • Add your offer to the Special Offers Group
  • Use blog posts, groups and your profile wall
  • Once in a while we will also post your offers to our page

Find New Clients

  • Invite your members and clients to join you on Jersey Peeps
  • A simple way for your members/clients to meet each other
  • Communicate with your members and clients easily in one place 100% dedicated to Jersey
  • Easy to set up and get going

Share and Answer

  • Ask and answer questions, share information, provide help where you can.
  • Focus on what your customers / clients want from you and learn from their experiences
  • Create Polls to find out more about your clients and their needs

Information is key

  • Write informational posts via your own profile to help members
  • Include details of how your products and services can help
  • Link to your business website
  • Your posts are public and read by non-members too

Chat with other Businesses

  • Talk with other Jersey based business members in the private Business group
  • Learn from each other and share experiences
  • Ask questions and get help with any aspect of your business
  • Get help with marketing and promoting your business
  • Make new friends with common interests

WE ARE the fastest growing website in jersey FACT!!


The Jersey Peeps website is the fastest growing online media in Jersey, so much so we have the competition contacting us to remove any of this proof!! Here are some stats from 27th October 2017 7 days Jersey Peeps page has reached 33,400 Post engagements reached 17,542 In the past month the page has reached 90,712 The website this year has reached over 323,943 visitors with 89% coming from jersey View our stats on this page all created by Statcounter a reliable source for traffic stats and more, where as others use ip to track traffic whic is very unreliable to say the least.

2016 -2017 yearly stats by Statcounter 

View all our stats by clicking JJ and his graphs 

What do you offer businesses?

We have two main ways of how you can advertise with us the most popular is the use of our Business Directory which comes with a yearly free of just £84 per year which gets you listed in our directory, uses of our classifieds section ( there is a charge if you want to use the classifieds as a non registered business ) and use of the Jersey Peeps website to advertise.

Banner advertising is also available ( one option comes with the added bonus of Rally Car sponsorship ) these banners are placed on all the pages of our website which reaches 30,000 residents with an average of 80% coming from Jersey, this percentage beats all the other ‘Local’ websites out there

Huge savings

Our packages be it banner or directory advertising are cheaper than any others out there and better value for money

Lets get you started with your new business advertising package

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