Farmers in Jersey have warned more farms will go out of business, with crops left to rot, unless they can recruit more labour from outside the EU.

For decades people from countries including France, Poland and Portugal have been coming to Jersey to work, but in the past 18 months this has been changing.

The farming workforce is currently down by around 10% due to the effect of Brexit reducing the value of the pound.

A boost to the Polish economy has also affected the number of people coming to the island.

The decline in foreign farm workers has lead to some farms having to change the way they work, with machinery now being used for planting potatoes.

Farmers say being able to employ people from outside the EU would make a big change.

We know we have got people in Kenya who on paper look really good people, trained and interested in agriculture and looking to take some knowledge back to their home once they are finished. That ticks a lot of boxes.

We know we have got staff from the Ukraine who would be interested in coming and other places as well.

Unfortunately we can’t really progress any of those discussions further until we know we’ve got a policy change coming our way.

– Charlie Gallichan, Jersey Farmer

The States of Jersey says it is taking the concerns of farmers into account.