Jersey States could debate lowering rent prices

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Jersey’s States Assembly may consider introducing a law to lower rental prices after a petition calling for it received over 5,000 signatures.

The petition was set up by Jan McAllister last year who says rents are too high and should be around 30% of people’s salaries.

It is the first States petition to receive over 5,000 signatures.

In response to the petition in September, Jersey’s Housing Minister said he is determined the government will pursue policies that will improve the standard of living for islanders. This would include making housing more affordable across all sectors.

Senator Sam Mézec also recognised that 73% of people in lower-income households living in qualified private rented accommodation, could be considered as being in ‘rental stress’.

One aim of the States is to improve its housing supply with more than 1,000 homes being built between now and 2020.

In the latest Housing Price Index Report for 2018, it showed rental prices had increased by 3% during the third quarter of last year compared with the second quarter.

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