Labour deletes 'happy Passover' post after backlash

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Labour is facing a call to apologise for wishing Jews a “happy Passover” with a graphic including a loaf of bread.

The week-long festival is celebrated annually in Judaism, during which observers are prohibited from eating leaven – a substance used to make baked dough rise.

All traces of it must be removed from the house to commemorate Jews led by Moses out of Egypt who did not have time to let their bread rise.

A post from Labour’s Twitter account in the run up to Passover, which begins on Friday night, wished everyone “chag sameach” – Hebrew for happy holidays.

It included drawings of the Star of David, a glass and a loaf of bread.

Image: Social media users said Passover was a ‘festival of not eating bread’

Social media users quickly pointed out the mistake.

“Guys, this is a loaf of bread. On Passover Jews don’t eat bread. It’s a whole festival of NOT EATING BREAD,” one wrote.

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Ivor Caplin, a former Labour defence minister, said: “Bread is not eaten during Passover. An unbelievable error and look forward to the apology.”

The post was later deleted and replaced with a graphic that removed the drawings of the glass and bread.

The Labour Party has declined to comment.

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