Library book returned after 52 years with cheque to cover fine

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A reader has returned a library book 52 years after it was borrowed, enclosing a £100 cheque to cover the fine.

The manager of Lowestoft Library, said she was “amazed” when the copy of The Metaphysical Poets arrived in the post – along with a covering letter explaining the delay.

“They said they settled after moving around a lot and discovered the book,” said Ms Wilde.

“They were very embarrassed and can only think they took it out while staying in Lowestoft in the late 1960s with their parents, and enclosed the book and cheque.”

Image: The book should have been returned in 1967

The book, which has a date stamp showing it was due back in 1967, will be returned to the library’s collection.

Ms Wilde, who opened the package containing the book, said: “I was amazed. We do get books back after quite a while but that’s the longest we’ve ever known.

“I’m pleased they sent it back as I think some people would be too embarrassed and keep it.”

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The fine would have been three old pennies per week, meaning the borrower would owe about £33 and 10 shillings.

Nowadays, the fine is 15p per day but the charge is capped at £7.35 for an adult book.

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