Man's hand blown off in violent yellow vest protests

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Yellow vest protesters have sustained serious wounds, including one who appeared to have his hand blown off, during another weekend of violent clashes in Paris.

It is now the 13th consecutive weekend of demonstrations in the French capital.

Video footage shows clashes between police in riot gear and protesters in their trademark highly-visible car yellow vests.

Images from the Champs Elysees also show a man in a yellow vest with a bloodied head.

Image: A paramedic attends to the protester with an injured hand

Other images, which are too graphic to publish, show paramedics attending to a man whose hand appeared to have been blown off, although the cause of the injury has not been established.

Medical experts provided emergency treatment to the man near the gates of the National Assembly.

Police confirmed a protester had suffered a hand injury, but did not provide further details.

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Civil enforcement officers have deployed gas canisters

Image: Riot police officers have deployed gas canisters

According to fire department spokesman Gildas Lecoeur, speaking to the Associated Press, the man was taken to a hospital, although his current condition was unclear.

Tens of thousands took to the streets on Saturday. A scooter and a police van were set on fire, and some shop windows were smashed.

According to the French authorities, about 10 protesters have been arrested so far this weekend as scuffles broke out between citizens and riot police.

Protests have continued again in Paris this weekend

Image: Protests have continued again in Paris this weekend

The police, armed with batons and tear gas, have also suffered injuries, with some protesters throwing objects at them.

One officer was pictured taking off their protective leg and foot coverings to receive treatment, although the leg does not appear to be bloodied.

The yellow vests, or “gilets jaunes” in French, have been protesting since 17 November last year, primarily to address increases in fuel tax.

An officer is treated after hurting their foot

Image: An officer is treated after hurting their foot

The demonstrations then broadened into a more general revolt against a political class they view as out of touch with common people.

The yellow vest activists are now trying to achieve electoral success but the movement is politically divided and has no appointed leader.

Riot police have clashed with protesters

Image: Riot police have clashed with protesters

President Emmanuel Macron, who has been a prominent target for protesters, has been trying to quell the demonstrations by starting a national political debate, leading his approval ratings to rise.

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