McAfee anti-virus namesake 'on run from US Gov'

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John McAfee, the eccentric founder and namesake of anti-virus company McAfee, has claimed to be on the run from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

In a series of videos apparently featuring McAfee in a convoy of armoured cars, the cyber security personality claimed he had been issued a subpoena by the securities regulator.

Mr McAfee argued that the subpoena, sent to him due to his role as an executive at bitcoin-mining business MGT Capital Investments, damaged the company’s prospects.

He had served as the “chief cyber security visionary” at MGT Capital from August 2017 until Janary 2018 and claimed to remain “a major stakeholder” after leaving the company.

Mr McAfee has recently been criticised for appearing to endorse on Twitter a range of cryptocurrencies, and questions have been raised as to whether he did so for personal gain.

In a video message released on Tuesday, Mr McAfee – who previously attempted to run for President of the United States as the candidate of the newly formed Cyber Party – complained about the federal government.

Image: John McAfee, pictured in 2012, has railed against the US SEC

“The SEC was never intended to have this power. Please God America wake up and see what has happened,” he said.

“The SEC is in charge of our entire industry, our companies, our manufacturing, our distribution, our creativity, our entrepreneurship.

“When it was created in the wisdom of the creators it had only civil powers. If it got pissed off at you it could sue you, end of story. Well get in line, please.

“Now, with the cooperation of the justice department, the SEC can get involved or bring people in who can punish you beyond a civil suit. The SEC owns America, please God wake up people,” he declared.

Mr McAfee had previously gone on the run after being declared a “person of interest” in connection with a murder in Belize.

He subsequently blogged about his disguises while in hiding, in one instance covering himself with shoe polish and affecting a limp in an attempt to convince onlookers he was a Guatemalan trinket peddler.

“And if you think that an agency of the US Government would not stoop to assassination, kidnapping, threats, then what are you smoking, what are you smoking? Please wake up,” he said in his latest video.

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“And, for the trouble, and if there are any in the audience, please mind your mother’s advice, else you’ll end up just like me.”

The SEC has been contacted for comment.

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