More than 150 people turned out to hear from politicians campaigning against the Education Committee’s plans to change secondary education in Guernsey last night.

The four deputies want to have two States-run high schools, each with its own sixth form.

But the Education committee are pushing for a 3-school plan – with a separate college for higher education.

The deputies found some support from pupils, parents and teachers, but there were still frustrations at the continued uncertainty about the future.

The two school deputies invited guest speaker Will Morgan – the head of a school similar to the one they are proposing.

The Cotswold School is an 11 to 18 comprehensive, but it delivers top results, with half of their leavers who go to university attending the elite Russell Group institutions.

In the last four years, they have sent 18 to Oxford and Cambridge.

In having those larger schools, you have great economies of scale, you actually have smaller class sizes as a result of that, you have specialist teachers teaching in all subject areas, you have real competition between pupils, great sporting, music, drama – all of those things that create a vibrant society.

– Will Morgan, Headteacher at the Cotswold School