Pensioners in Guernsey could get help to pay their fuel bills

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Pensioners in Guernsey could get up to £145 to help pay for their fuel bills.

Those over the age of 65 have until the end of the month to apply to the fuel fund, which is run by Age Concern.

There is also a payment system in place where the charity can contribute towards any unexpected heating costs, such as boiler repairs or to help a new radiator be installed.

The first winter we operated our fund was the winter of 2013/14. We received 31 applications over that winter period. So far this winter we have received 96 applications, so we are making progress in our attempts to break down the obstacle of embarrassment.

Bearing in mind we have approximately 13,000 pensioners here in Guernsey, we suspect there are a lot more than 96 out in our community who are in need of financial assistance to help cover their costs for heating this winter.

– Deputy Lester Queripel, Age Concern Guernsey

Applications for grants are being accepted until April 30th. For more information you can call 256334.


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