'Take It Home' Plea To Beach-goers

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A seven year old girl and her step-mum have been praised for clearing up the mess left behind by party-goers on St Ouen’s Bay.

Martine Osmand and 7-year-old Lilly rushed to the spot with bin bags after seeing photos of the litter on social media.

“We’d loaded up the van to then go up to the rubbish dump and the recycling area just to dispose of it properly. She (Lilly) just wanted it to be gone and to protect our environment and all the sea life.

“She’s got a very good head on her shoulders for a 7-year-old.”

Martine’s own Facebook post addressing those responsible has been widely shared.

It includes a letter written to someone called George found amongst the rubbish.

Open bags of trash were left next to a full bin to be strewn around by the wind, birds and wildlife.

Martine’s got a message for those responsible, and others planning similar beach parties.

“If you’re going to take it down there with you then take it home with you, don’t leave it for someone else to come and sort out or for it to be blown around the rest of the island.

“Be responsible for the area that you want to go out there and enjoy. Keep it looking pretty!”

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