Win A Prize Every Month

Points, Points, Points!!!

Jersey Peeps has a unique gamification system set in place for its users, which isn't found anywhere else.
This was brought into place to make it fun again to interact with friends via a socially driven website.
Lets get started, read on to find out how this system works and how you could be a winner, just by using our website!!

Rewards for doing what?

Our website uses a points system, where by completing tasks such as logging or posting a classified, commenting on the News will gain you points.

This system runs in the background and won't interrupt your use of the website. And as with any sort of competition it is run by a strict set of rules and terms.

All points are then reset and it starts all over again! The more users taking part the higher the prizes worth can get.

View just some of the ways to earn points!


For making a comment or posting a comment
For uploading a new Profile Cover
For uploading a new Profile Photo
For adding friends thay you know
For logging into Jersey Peeps everyday
For up voting a comment on a News article
For daily Visits to Jersey Peeps Website

You could win ! In Amazon Vouchers

For the next 3 months we will be giving away £50 in Amazon vouchers to whom ever stays at the top of the leader board.

At the end of every Month the points will be reset to zero ready to start all over again!!

We have a strict set of rules which can be read in our Competition Terms & Conditions

But be quick as the clock is counting till the competition ends

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