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Jersey Peeps Gives You The Power To Communicate, Create, Sell, Share, and Advertise in an Brand New Way.

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Why chose Jersey Peeps?

100% Focus on Jersey

Our website allows you to focus on just Jersey residents and events, with no other social clutter for you to get lost in

Don't get lost.....get found

Facebook and other social media gets cluttered with orrelevant content, with our niche network we focus 100% on our beloved home Jersey

Local Advertising

We provided all businesses a premium directory to advertise from, with a growing selection of tools at your disposal.

Business Advertising without the premium costs

Jersey Peeps Directory includes, Google Maps, Ratings, social sharing and 12 months free advertising .

Amazing Social Elements

We offer you some incredible social tools to help you keep in contact with Jersey family, friends or customers alike.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of well designed features constantly updated to bring you, the user a unique place and safe place to share all things Jersey, with no other distractions you might find else where.

Classifieds for all

Use our Classified's to make cash fast from your unwanted items in a simple, unique, safe way, no hidden charges for selling cars or houses

No hidden nasty's or spam!

We pride our selves on our spam free classified section, all classifieds are manually checked prior to being sent live, you even get your own dashboard